Best-Practise & Acceleration of the Consolidation Delivery

Based on our prior projects, we have developed a pre-built application framework called Consolidation Starter Kit. We have taken most of our proven approaches and features used by smaller or even largest organizations, leveraged leading OneStream CPM platform and developed a fully functional model. This may serve as a great starting point for a Close & Consolidation projects and allows us to deliver solutions faster and drive best-practices.

The Starter Kit has many integration options to source systems, supports legal or management consolidation needs and covers most of the capital consolidation cases out of the box. A pre-built model based on OneStream CPM platform is highly scalable to organizations of various maturity and serves well to those either moving from spreadsheet based practice or aiming to streamline highly complex reporting and compliance requirements. Also, our Starter Kit serves well in any cases when clients want to migrate from any legacy outdated EPM systems.

OneStream Consolidation Starter Pack uses a library of application objects, rules and sample dimensions covering standard consolidation needs. Also, it contains library of customizable data forms (Cube Views or Dashboards) for financial & non-financial disclosures and reports.


It is a great asset for any client. While sticking to pre-built best-practice, we focus on specific requirements, pain points, process improvements and reflection of DNA of your organization.

What is available Out-of-the Box

Pre-built Features

IFRS & Multi-GAAP Reporting

Ability to manage multiple GAAPs such as CAS or IFRS incl. GAAP aligning adjustments

Sample Close Process Workflows

Contains configurable workflows helping you to plan and manage the close effectively

Flexibility to support various specific Consolidations

Integrated legal, country specific or segment consolidations for diverse needs

Library of Sample Forms & Disclosures

Library of configurable data forms and disclosures as a base for reporting packages

Intercompany Matching & Standard Eliminations

Matching and reconciliation of ICO trade either at transactional or balance level

Elimination of Investments & Equity or NCI Bookings

Management of transactional M&A records to allow automatic eliminations and bookings

Eliminations of Margin on Intragroup Sales

Tracking embedded margin on Intragroup sales to allow automated margin eliminations

Currency Translation Overrides & CTA Calculation

Automated special rate translations, overriding standard translations incl. auditable CTA

Full or at Equity Consolidation Methods

Supporting common methods of consolidations varying by time or scenarios

Best in Class Audit Trail & Auditing Support

By combining OneStream origin dimension with data sources and pre-built audit dimension

... and many more

Starter Kit at a Glance


How does CFO / CTO benefit from leveraging our Consolidation Starter Kit?

You will benefit from the acceleration of solution delivery and reduction of time to value vs. starting from scratch. As the core financial consolidation rules are more standardized across industries, it is a great asset to leverage proven pre-built rules and focus on your specific requirements in the areas of data sourcing, transformations, process workflows or required data model dimensionality. This will shorten the time of change, reduce the disruption and drive cost efficiency.

How the use of Starter Kit contributes to achieving maximized process improvements?

We will leverage our Starter Kit as the functional application environment for clarifying and defining ultimate scope, driving ideas and thoughts and allowing CFO's team a real "touch and feel" on how the modernized and automated Close & Consolidation practice may work for you, based on your base data. This is critical for leading your teams towards change and guiding them on where true opportunities and improvements exist. This leads to minimizing the gap of misunderstanding, engagement of your team faster and achieving more significant improvements and value than initially thought.

Why it is smart to adopting already proven Consolidation Rules and Calculations?

Starter Kit has been developed over last several years and contains features used by several organizations. For our customers, adopting and enhancing a pre-built content reduces the risks by leveraging already proven calculation and consolidation models for core functionalities. As the core must work well, we jointly focus on your specific needs, requirements and process design.

How you make sure that your Starter Kit fits to our organizational reality?

There is never one size fits all. Some organizations aim to transform their Close & Consolidation processes in CPM from spreadsheets, other aim to streamline complex reporting requirements or replace outdated EPM software with modern solution. Also, maturity of the organization differs in terms of people experience, process complexity or technological landscape. We aim to tailor our approach, services and solutions to stick to your DNA and reality while leading the change management and adoption to industry best-practices pre-built within our Starter Kit as the core must work for all. Within the Close & Consolidation area, adopting to best-practices is usually simpler, smarter and more meaningful.

For which organizations is the Consolidation Starter Kit based on OneStream CPM suitable?

With OneStream CPM platform, we are highly flexible and scalable with our solutions. Most of the workflow, process, data sourcing, integration & transformations, reporting or calculation requirements can be easily tailored to your needs. We are able to support both simpler requirements of mid-size groups or the most complex diverse and fast-changing reporting and multi-GAAP consolidations of the largest customers.

Does the Starter Kit allow users to quickly get real "touch and feel" experience of the change?

Yes, absolutely. Going through our Consolidation Starter Kit already in the early phase of the project allows us and your team to much better imagine and define target operating model and process requirements incl. all anticipated improvements. As we are pretty flexible with changes, we aim to run a project in hybrid agile iterative approach by enhancing and re-configuring features on the fly.

Are you able to leverage or expand the solution beyond Close & Consolidation area?

Yes. OneStream CPM platform has unique capabilities to manage all corporate performance processes within a single application. By implementing Close & Consolidation solution, you are ready to extend OneStream platform with budgeting, planning or ESG non-financial reporting easily.