Long-term Partnership, Reliance and Availability

For many organizations it is a challenge to keep internal resources dedicated, knowledgeable or up to date with latest changes around CPM technologies. Most of the CPM solutions provide core system's layer which is being run, enhanced, modernized or upgraded for years. With resource and business changes, many organizations seek for reliable partnership provided by outside but closely aligned partner.


Our team provides support services giving you comfort of focusing on business and finance leadership while relying on us taking care of your core applications. Also, we provide on request training, education, enhancements support, new release fit assessments and other specific support services.

We provide end to end managed support services which encompass system monitoring and maintenance, user support and helpdesk, incident management and problem resolution, system enhancements and upgrades, system configuration and customization, training and knowledge transfer, as well as system performance analysis and optimization. We also act as effective bridge between clients and CPM technology vendors as needed. These services ensure organizations receive ongoing support, maintain system stability, and derive maximum value from their CPM solutions.

What do we Deliver

User Support and Helpdesk

providing support team to assist your users with any technical or functional issues they encounter while using our CPM solutions

Incident Management and Resolution

allowing your users to report issues to the support team, who will investigate, diagnose, and resolve the problem in a timely manner

System Enhancements and Upgrades

managing system upgrades and enhancements, ensuring that our CPM solution grow and evolve with the client's needs

System Configuration and Customization

assisting in tailoring the CPM solutions to client's specific needs by enhancing workflows, reports, rules or calculations

Training and Knowledge Transfer

offering training programs to educate users on system functionalities, best practices and new features

Short-term interim Administration of CPM

in special cases, we may provide a dedicated interim resource taking care over administration of your CPM solution

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Your Benefits

Reliable Partnership

Proactive long-term relationship with us knowing your environment and application. We will always ensure that clients are not left alone and their CPM solutions are well-maintained, optimized and aligned with their specific business requirements. As the business requirements, internal resource changes or new use cases are ongoing, we aim for close long-term relationship based on mutual understanding.

Free up time of internal IT

Your internal IT teams doesn't need to provide almost any of the support in most of the cases. As most of the CPM solutions are provided in the SaaS deployment model, our clients can dedicate their internal resources mainly on supporting business rather than maintaining applications and underlying functionality.

Continuous Improvement and Upgrades

Our experts stay updated with the latest features, functionalities, and industry trends. By leveraging our expertise, organizations can benefit from system enhancements, new capabilities, and improved performance. Continuous improvement ensures that our CPM solutions remain aligned with evolving business needs and technological advancements. We will always assist you not only in enhancing the CPM solutions but also defining and understanding specific changing requirements and best direction on how to address them.

Timely Support and Assistance

We offer timely support and assistance to users. Depending on the support requirements, we may scale support teams available to respond to user queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance. Timely support minimizes disruption to users' work, enhances user satisfaction and allows organizations to maximize the value derived from CPM solutions.

Specialization in OneStream and Oracle HFM

Offering deep hands-on subject matter expertise in leading OneStream XF platform, a leader in various business process corporate performance domains. Also, offering our deep experience in implementing or maintaining HFM EPM, FDMEE and other tools and assisting clients with planning, assessment and transition from HFM to OneStream XF.

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