Align Financial and ESG Reporting

With pressure on sustainability of businesses, ESG reporting is becoming mandatory, with similar requirements as for financial reporting. While organizations are launching new company purposes, with ESG reporting, this will need processes similar to financial reporting, i.e. from data quality, calculations governance, auditing up to aggregation and consolidation perspective.


To ensure to not create parallel reporting streams, alignment between financial & ESG non-financial is the way to go. Integrating financial and ESG reporting in a single CPM solution enables organizations to drive sustainable decision-making, meet investor expectations, manage risks, comply with regulations, and enhance stakeholder trust.

It supports the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible business model in the long run. It also addresses a need for a single process ownership, governance and rules, getting closer to CFO teams.

Our ESG services cover design, adoption, implementation and delivery of ESG reporting solutions. By leveraging OneStream CPM platform, we align ESG with financial reporting in a single CPM application. Reporting product profitability bundled with associated ESG footprint has never been easier.

We excel in turning your ESG strategies, data and associated calculation rules into transparent, trusted and with financial reporting aligned solutions.

Integrated ESG Reporting

Providing a unified platform to collect, manage, and analyze ESG information alongside financial data.

Enhanced ESG Transparency and Reporting

Reporting sustainable ESG results in structures and formats used for financial reporting, meeting the increasing demand for ESG information from investors, regulators, and other stakeholders, strengthening trust and reputation.

Streamlined ESG Data Collection and Validation

Simplifying data sourcing, transformations, conversion calculations and built-in data validation checks incl. auditing.

What do we Deliver?

Leverage proven OneStream CPM reporting Framework for ESG

to accelerate the implementation with out-of-the-box source to report CPM framework

Pre-built Metrices or custom Calculations and Rules

delivering ESG metrices calculation rules, similarly as standard for financial data, KPI or ratios

Aligning ESG Reporting with Financial Reporting

allowing organizations to process, aggregate, consolidate and report all at once

Best-in-Class Data Audit Trails and Sourcing

to give you confidence and proof that your data and calculations are reliable and proven.

Embedded BI, Dashboards and Visualization

to give all stakeholders comfort for analysis and drill-down to underlying source data and calcs.

ESG Master Data Management Advisory Services

as the quality of master data models and the underlying changes and reporting strategy is crucial.

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Your Benefits

Credibility and Transparency

Sending signal to creditors, investors, rating agencies, employees or participating value chain on how seriously you take your ESG commitments. Your ESG non-financial reporting will adopt standard procedures and controls as existing in financial reporting and disclosures. Also, I won't be living separately but fully integrated in the context of standard financial reporting.

Financial and ESG Reporting Alignment

Dramatic increase in speed and flexibility to plan, report, measure, aggregate or consolidate ESG performance aligned with financials. We offer globally proven OneStream CPM platform and ESG Blueprint solutions to accelerate the implementation and offer fully aligned financial and non-financial reporting in a single source of truth. Thus reducing costs of maintenance, ownership and risk of errors.

Drive centralization of process Ownership

Empowering CFO's team with ability to get insight into financial and ESG performance and to quickly report to any stakeholder. With ESG reporting becoming mandatory and audited, ESG reporting will need to adopt similar controls and processes as financial reporting. Also, the change will drive the process ownership for both agenda to the office of CFO. Therefore, we deliver solutions which are consistent, integrated, simplified and give more ownership and flexibility.

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