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Management Reporting and Analysis solutions gives you capability to simulate, plan, measure or evaluate the performance of your business and its components, lines, products or projects and thus make better and faster decisions. We turn data into timely and accurate information to decision-makers at all levels of an organization. This includes financial and non-financial data, operational metrics and KPIs relevant to specific areas of the business, daily financial signals and indicators and many more. By analyzing them, managers identify trends, measure progress towards goals and make decisions improving business performance.


Our solutions aim to combine needs of central headquarters with localized often more granular reporting needs of subsidiary, specific countries or business lines. Our Management Reporting & Analysis services cover the full scale needs. We leverage our unique methodologies and globally proven CPM technologies giving you a new strategic asset to support growth.

Our expertise in data integrations, sourcing and transformations, consolidation, automation, visualization and analysis help organizations to gain actionable insights and drive performance improvement. With OneStream CPM platform, we are able to move all CPM processes and reporting needs under one single umbrella.

What do we Deliver

Tailored Performance Reporting

allowing to report, align and process high volume data such as Sales by channels, segments, product lines or SKUs

Unified Single Reporting Repository

integrating data from multiple systems, ensuring a unified and reliable data source for management reporting

Automation of Report Generation

developing scheduling mechanisms to produce reports on a regular basis and reducing manual effort

Aligning Management with Group Reporting

using the unique OneStream Extensibility to ensure alignment of reporting with Group consolidation

Extensible Data Modelling by Process

designing integrated data models that align with varying business objectives and reporting requirements

Variance Analysis or Ad-hoc Reporting

developing variance analysis methodologies to identify key areas and support data-driven decision-making

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Your Benefits

Understand the Context of your Data

When analyzing reported results, you will be able to easily drill down and drill back to the root causes of KPIs or analytical insights without a need to ask people for explanation. This will give you more confidence in data accuracy and correctness.

Self-services Ad-hoc Analysis & Reporting

With our solutions we empower business users to perform self-service analytics without heavy reliance on IT or finance teams. With OneStream CPM user-friendly interface and intuitive reporting tools, users can easily access and analyze data, create reports and visualizations and gain valuable insights. This self-service capability promotes agility, reduces dependency and enables faster decision-making across the organization.

Single Source of Diverse Reporting

Many organization try to solve diverse reporting requirements with different tools and data processes. This creates fragmented environment, where the end users loses the agility and control. With OneStream unique capabilities such as multi-cube modelling, horizontal or vertical dimensional extensibility, we can design it the way that it will support various diverse reporting serving to specific decentralized needs while aligning them to Group top level reporting structures.

Full organizational unified Reporting

Blending financial and operational data to get insights into drivers such as customer and product profitability by region or channels.

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