CPM-enabled organizational Planning driving operational & financial Projections

Many even large organizations still perform budgeting or forecasting mainly in dozens of Excel spreadsheets. The planning methodologies tend to not be more standardized, plans are compiled typically on maximum quarterly basis and lack logical systematic relationships between business and operational outlooks and plans and their financial implications. Also, due to this reliance on spreadsheets, upper management focuses often on the monthly Income statement, profitability plans and departmental expenses allocations.

Fragmented non-integrated planning can lead to lost opportunities, excessive costs and poor intra-departmental collaboration. Ultimately, leaders are worse positioned to make critical business decisions if lacking full, accurate and timely data.

We bring innovative methodologies and enable organizations with modern FP&A processes. And even beyond. Our solutions allow organizations to establish strong CPM enabled planning capabilities and drive value through technology driven insights and much better collaboration.


Overall, implementing OneStream CPM, enabling xP&A processes, and digitalizing financial and operational plans offer organizational benefits such as improved decision-making, planning accuracy, streamlined processes, increased collaboration, agility, performance monitoring, regulatory compliance, and data-driven insights. These benefits empower organizations to drive business growth, optimize performance, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Our Planning Solutions Offering

Key Features

Long-term strategic Planning

allowing you to compile strategic operational plans and direction

Top-down Budget Target Settings

facilitate business units target setting from top-level plans

Financial Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

driving automation, versioning, insights and accuracy

Rolling Forecasting

move to continual planning and reflect changing reality

Cash Planning

modelling the cash inflows / outflows to secure liquidity

Sales & Revenue Planning

unify financial and operational sales projections

CapEx & OpEx Planning

allowing to plan different types of spend

People Planning

integrated granular planning for complete HR agenda

Product Costing & Overhead Allocations

allowing rule based allocation of direct and indirect costs

Multi-currency Variance Analysis

applying many FX types to drive like-for-like comparisons

... and many more

Our Planning Solutions at a Glance


What is the value for our organization to move from current limited spreadsheet based planning towards your solutions?

By integrating financial and operational plans in OneStream CPM, organizations gain a holistic view of their performance and can make more informed decisions. The digitalization of plans allows for real-time data access, scenario modeling, and predictive analytics, enabling better insights into the financial and operational implications of different strategies and actions. This enhanced decision-making capability can drive improved business outcomes and agility.

How you can help us to solve the problem when different teams do not collaborate or have different data for our planning?

With OneStream CPM we aim to facilitate accurate planning by enabling organizations to align financial plans with operational plans. By integrating financial and operational data, organizations can ensure that their plans are realistic, achievable, and consistent. This alignment helps in identifying potential gaps or areas of improvement, optimizing resource allocation, and improving forecasting accuracy. Most importantly, we aim to connect and bridge your functional teams into effective single point collaboration in order to better understand mutual cross-dependencies. Absence of strong enabling solution leads to siloed fragmented process where functional teams do not collaborate and it creates excessive risks for the entire organization.

How do I know if the planning components are aligned?

Quality of the plans and decisions made reflect the way how people collaborate and which tools they have, linking their inputs meaningfully together. We enable collaboration among different teams and departments involved in planning and analysis. Our solutions provide a unified platform where stakeholders can work together, share information, and contribute to the planning process. Collaborative features such as commenting, task assignments, and workflow management facilitate better coordination and alignment, leading to more accurate and comprehensive plans.

Although we would get a planning solution deployed, how can we facilitate the actual reporting and performance management against plans?

With OneStream CPM we enable organizations to monitor and track performance against their plans in real-time. By integrating actual financial and operational data, organizations can compare actuals against planned targets, identify variances, and take corrective actions promptly. This enhanced performance monitoring helps in identifying trends, understanding the drivers of performance, and fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. It is an unique capability of OneStream platform to manage all core process within a single application. Most of the customers worldwide leverage OneStream for Close & Consolidation, Management Reporting, Planning or ongoing Performance Management and comparisons against different plans.

What is your approach for a delivery of planning solutions?

SIMPLEBEEZ have very experienced team with mixed skillset of innovating and enabling FP&A processes into the organizational culture and delivering modern and intuitive CPM solutions. These enable the deployed innovation and streamline the entire process. Every project is the team effort together with your people and we are committed to help you to succeed.