Scalability, Performance & Data Integration Capabilities

Our experts help you to define requirements for deploying high performing applications, reflecting design considerations and deployment model. Environment seizing and performance testing are essential part of our services. OneStream Q&A validates that our solutions reflect the best practices. As majority of solutions are deployed as SaaS deployment model using the Microsoft Azure cloud single-tenant architecture, with OneStream we maximize your benefits in terms of usability, security, costs or readiness for scheduled upgrades.


Integrations to source systems are essential part of the projects. With OneStream CPM, we offer many pre-built connectors or interfacing options incl. flat file imports (txt, csv, xls), batch harvest folder sync, Web services (SOAP, REST, ODATA) SAP PI, PO, Gateway, CPI, etc., ERP Connector RFC Protocol or Direct ODBC Integrations, e.g. HANA / ORCL / SQL. From our perspective, the level or methods of integrations to source systems may change in time. Also, they should really carefully address and reflect the prioritized needs, risks and maturity of the organization. Sometimes, source data in various ERP's need clean up, clarification of the accounting methodologies. Level of integration should also reflect risks of misstatements, materiality, frequency or granularity of the reporting.

What do we Deliver

Application Installation & Configurations

Assisting with initial installations and configurations. We deploy various instances of application incl. DEV, Testing or Production

Cloud Transition Assistance

If you consider transition to cloud, we will provide advisory and assistance to understand all technical implications

Data and Application Security Advisory

We ensure that you are comfortable with data and application security or consult your cloud security matters

Data Integrations & Data Transformations

Enabling suitable and flexible data sourcing to your CPM solution incl. data transformations

Data Migration or Data Cleansing

Our team developed data migration methodologies and assists with performing data transfers

Assistance with Upgrades

Supporting scheduling and upgrade execution (usually SaaS model) and supporting the application updates

We are here to help you

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Your Benefits

Strong Partnership for your Growth

Establishing long-term technological and functional partnership available to maintain and enhance your foundational corporate performance solutions.

Improving your Decision-making Ability

We not only bring and deliver best-in-class data sourcing options, data transformations, validations and data quality improvements. You will get expert assistance with helping to clean source data, assessing the risks and methodological inconsistencies as needed. These improvements and deliverables significantly improve your decision making.

Data Structure Unifications & Transformations

Bringing data in various data structures and formats and transforming them into unified data models for various corporate performance processes. By leveraging OneStream data quality engine, enabling you to get more meaningful insights into financial performance of your business.

IT Application Landscape Simplification

Assisting you with moving to cloud, simplifying and reducing infrastructure and hardware costs.

Strong Security Expertize

Getting a partner with extensive experience with addressing or solving complex data management security requirements or application access security modelling incl. SOX

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