In 2019, two finance executives with a passion for finance transformation and cutting-edge technology decided to start their own business. They knew that many organizations struggle with outdated and inefficient financial processes. They believed in simpler, smarter and meaningful solutions and hard work to get things done. Thus SIMPLEBEEZ was born.

Their unique approach quickly attracted other experienced people who had a desire to inspire, support and lead organizations and their leaders through finance transformation and digitalization efforts.

Soon after the company was founded, the team developed a close and strategic partnership with the global leader in CPM solutions: OneStream Software LLC. We develop and enhance our solutions in areas such as Financial Close & Consolidation, Financial Planning & xP&A or Management Reporting & Analysis, while shifting to ESG Planning & Reporting as well. We have a close collaborative relationship with OneStream domain leads and QA to ensure 100% customer success.

We focus on providing expert services to businesses who outgrew themselves personally, technically or process wise. Offering our innovative methodology of business transformation, we assist these businesses to get back on track with personnel skillsets, organized processes and true enabling technologies.

Our systematic approach, combined with vast experience, expertise and commitment, has made us an asset to many organizations seeking to accelerate their growth and streamline their finance processes. We are proud of the transformations we have achieved so far and we look forward to building new success stories together.

Martin Prášek, CEO & Founder

For clients where people skills and processes were falling behind their needs, we deployed new competencies, methodologies and tools to get on track. From this we established our executive transformation services when we realized our approach was and is in high demand.

With our strong team and modern OneStream CPM platform, we quickly succeeded in delivering best-in-class solutions for our first clients. We are dedicated to expanding and further developing our CPM competency