Engage us for Advisory or Change Execution as Interim strategic Asset

Changes in finance operating model, processes or digitalization is a disruption. To achieve desired value, it requires special dedicated transformational skillset, leadership, apolitical unbiased view, focus on value and experience from outside. Our experts will advise, execute and support you at times of changes and digitalization.

We serve as external executive leads for larger finance transformation projects bringing benefits such as objective perspective and experience, innovation, specialized expertise, leadership and stakeholder management, accelerated project delivery, change management and adoption support, knowledge transfer and capability building, as well as risk mitigation and accountability. We enhance the success and effectiveness of finance transformation initiatives, driving positive organizational outcomes.


As part of our Advisory services, our experts will help you to set the transformation roadmap. Apolitically, from holistic view, we identify the gaps (being it people, processes or technologies), opportunities and ways to close them within required timeline.

To accelerate the project and safeguard your investments, we deploy interim cross-functional team willing to roll out the sleeves, execute the change, in collaboration with your internal people and under your ultimate ownership.

Offering hands-on interim transformational experts to drive you through the change. The rule is simple. Execution is the king.


Focusing on providing strategic guidance and advisory support for finance transformation, helping CFOs to manage people, process and technological change in a balance


Empowering CFOs by optimizing financial processes and leveraging next generation CPM solutions. These provide insights for financial close, consolidation, planning, reporting and ESG planning.


enhancing and supporting infrastructure, data management and integrations to enable CFOs to have a more holistic and accurate view of financial performance

What do we Deliver

Fit-Gap Analysis & Project Roadmap

delivering holistic gap analysis, targets and transformational roadmap and aligning stakeholders

Target Finance Operating Model

helping you to define future operating models in order to strategize transformational changes

CPM vs. ERP Advisory

providing advisory on business application infrastructure, process flows and suggesting best technologies

Interim Execution of the Change

deploying interim cross-functional teams to roll out the sleeves and execute and support the change

Simplification of your Core Applications

unifying and simplifying the core performance management solutions and applications

Maximizing Project Value & Realization

serving as expert unbiased leads helping you to achieve results and drive value

We are here to help you

In need to engage interim experts to manage change and drive adoption of innovative finance processes and technologies?

Your Benefits

Objective Perspective and Experience

Bringing an objective perspective and a wealth of experience from leading similar finance transformation initiatives in other organizations. We offer fresh insights, apolitical position and best practices that can challenge the status quo and drive innovative solutions. Our experience enable us to navigate you through complexities, anticipate challenges and implement innovative proven strategies effectively.

Specialized Expertise missing In House

We bring to your environment our leadership and specialized expertise in finance transformation, change management and process improvement. Our expertise allow us to design and execute comprehensive transformation roadmaps, ensuring that the project aligns with the organization's strategic objectives and industry-specific needs. Engaging us means that we will safeguard stakeholders and sponsor interest and reduce risks arising from internal resistance, biased view, politics, conflicting interest or lack of required competencies and capacity.

Leadership and Stakeholder Management

Starting the transformation internally only may not be even possible. Engaging our external executive leads brings strong leadership capabilities to the finance transformation project and objectivity. We excel in ability to lead cross-functional teams, bridging IT, Finance and Operations, manage stakeholders at various levels and drive alignment across the organization. We significantly contribute to and facilitate effective communication, collaboration and decision-making, ensuring that the project progresses smoothly and gains organizational buy-in. Ask our satisfied customers for a reference.

Accelerated Project Delivery

Our innovative methodologies and expertise enable us to implement efficient project management, establish clear timelines and milestones, and mitigate risks effectively. We focus on functional finance direction and execution and aim for maximized value realization. We can navigate through challenges and drive the project towards timely completion, reducing the time-to-value for the organization.

Change Management and Adoption

We specialized in enabling changes in the area of corporate finance and change is a natural part of our day-to-day activities. We have developed change management strategies, engage key stakeholders and create a culture of adoption and continuous improvement through leadership, collaboration, guidance and natural relationship and influence. This leads to minimizing resistance and maximizing user adoption.

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