xP&A. True Revolution in Planning is here

Moving planning process from spreadsheets or extending financial planning to operations is critical for correct navigation of the business and agility. We align long-term strategic planning with financial, sales and operational planning. You will get confidence to move towards streamlined budgeting, re-forecasting or switch to extended organizational planning.


The “lines” between operational and financial plans no longer exist. It becomes fully integrated.

Finance must serve as guiding business partners and drive alignment between production, sales, marketing and other operational plans into complete organizational plans. Thus, xP&A is by technology enabled journey how to plan dynamically the entire value chain.

xP&A expands the traditional FP&A function by incorporating data from various departments and systems beyond finance, such as sales, marketing, operations, and human resources.

The primary goal of xP&A is to provide comprehensive insights and enable organizations to make data-driven decisions by leveraging a broader range of information. By integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources, xP&A enables a more accurate and holistic view of the organization's performance, facilitates better forecasting and scenario planning, and supports strategic decision-making processes.

Our Financial Planning & Budgeting services cover advisory and solutions in the full scale: long-term strategic planning, budgeting, special planning such as capital, people, sales, opex, capex or cash flow planning. We also enable forecasting or What If modelling. xP&A or Extended Planning & Analysis is a next step for finance teams to lead planning across the entire organization, far beyond finance only.

Integrated Operational & Financial Planning

Providing agile and automated full business planning experience connecting planners and decision-makers into single big picture source of projections

Align Planning with Performance Reporting & Consolidation

Offering OneStream CPM platform truly unifying planning, reporting or consolidation processes in a single software, connecting your functional teams

Innovative Target Planning Operating Models

Introducing innovative extended planning models and assisting in deployment of modern xP&A practice to drive accuracy and value

What do we Deliver?

Insights through extended organizational planning

connecting finance and operational processes into innovative planning solutions creating strategic value

Ability to plan & measure high Volume of Operational Data

such as Revenue / COGS by channels, segments, product lines, products, SKUs in larger data scale

Powerful but intuitive Planning Tools enabled with ML & AI

incl. long-term planning, budgeting, specialty planning, simulations, rolling forecasting or machine learning.

Empower Planning with Consolidation Rules

enabling consolidation, translation or elimination rules and engine for various planning scenarios.

Overheads or Indirect Costing Allocation Models

to give you reliable information on how costing contributes to the performance

Planning unified with Financial & ESG Reporting in a single Place

to guide you from legacy fragmented siloed systems towards a single unified modern platform.

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Your Benefits

Remove siloed Plans

You will update business drivers in Sales, HR or Operations and dynamically understand its financial impact in real-time. The challenge of not aligning and connecting operational and financial plans lies in the potential for inefficiencies, miscommunications, and missed opportunities that can arise when these two crucial aspects of business planning are disconnected. To overcome this challenge, businesses should strive for effective coordination and integration between these planning processes to ensure a holistic and coherent approach to managing their operations and finances.

Improved Decision-Making

When financial and operational plans are aligned, decision-makers have a holistic view of the organization's goals, resources, and constraints. This comprehensive understanding enables more informed and effective decision-making, as both the financial and operational implications can be considered simultaneously. It facilitates the evaluation of different options, trade-offs, and potential risks, leading to better strategic choices and resource allocation.

Get Agility and Adaptability

Integrated financial and operational plans enable organizations to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions, customer demands, or internal dynamics. By aligning these plans, businesses can identify potential risks and opportunities early on, adjust their strategies accordingly, and allocate resources to the most critical areas. This agility helps organizations stay competitive and adapt to evolving circumstances more successfully.

Single Source of Truth

Getting truly unified platform moving planning, reporting or consolidation into single application giving you competitive advantage. Connecting financial and operational plans promotes better collaboration and communication among different departments and teams within an organization. It aligns goals, fosters shared understanding, and encourages cross-functional coordination. This integration breaks down silos, facilitates information sharing, and improves overall organizational cohesion.

Getting Confidence

Aligning financial and operational plans enhances transparency and credibility, installing confidence in stakeholders such as investors, lenders, and board members. It demonstrates that the organization has a clear understanding of its financial drivers, operational capabilities, and the ability to execute its strategies effectively. Getting dramatic improvement when moving the planning from Excel spreadsheets, prone of errors.

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