ESG Reporting aligned with Financial Reporting in a single Application

As ESG reporting moves from voluntary to mandatory, it will require similar governance, control, accuracy and auditability as financial reporting. And since CFOs and Finance teams fully understand how to drive control and accuracy in financial reporting, they are best suited to overseeing the collection, calculations, consolidation and reporting of ESG as well.

ESG metrics will require to be reported in direct relationship with financial performance data. As the process ownership will unify under CFO responsibility, we aim to empower CFO with solutions able to conquer and manage these new complexities in a single well suited CPM application.

Our solutions aim to extend the financial reporting with new ESG related content and calculations and provide organization with a single source of truth of all financial and non-financial data.


With our technology partner OneStream, we leverage the ESG Blueprint as the pre-configuration of a OneStream application, initially aiming to support the ESG Scope 1 and 2 carbon calculations, including location and market method. It complements the platform capabilities with pre-built conversion logic for carbon calculations, following the GreenHouse Gas (GHG) protocol. In Social (S) and Governance (G) areas, our experts deliver specific extended non-financial data models incl. required rules and calculation and aim to ensure the linkage between financial and ESG reporting is established.

ESG Blueprint is the starting point for the project delivery and our team will make sure that your specific requirements are met, depending on your data sources, data quality and maturity.

What is available Out-of-the Box

Key Features

Pre-built Conversion Logic for Carbon Calculations

as a starting point for the solution delivery

Support for the ESG Scope 1 and 2 Carbon Calculations

ensuring that environmental disclosures are reliable

In-built Data Quality Engine within OneStream CPM

enabling to load, transform, calculate and report on high-volume of non-financial data

Drill-down & Drill-back Capability

moving usability and auditability into different level standard for financial reporting

Aggregating & Consolidating ESG Reporting

apply consolidation rules incl. eliminations or partial ownership calculations

Unlimited configurable Dimensions and Hierarchies

extending financial multi-dimensional models incl. supporting GRI, SASB, and other frameworks

Reporting & Analytics aligned with Financial Reporting

covering ad-hoc reporting, cube views or combined dashboarding

Planning & Forecasting of ESG Targets

to allow target setting and management of actual ESG performance

... and many more

ESG Reporting Solution at a Glance


Can you elaborate a bit more on ESG Blueprint?

ESG Blueprint is a pre-configured starting point solution developed by OneStream in close collaboration with subject matter expert partners. The purpose is to accelerate the delivery of ESG reporting to existing and new customers as the demand is significantly growing. During the project, the Blueprint can be highly expanded, modified and tailored to your specific needs.

What if I don't even have reliable data available?

Our delivery of ESG reporting solution assumes you already pose the source data relevant for ESG disclosures and that you control the source systems and tools where these data reside. Raw data can be imported into our solution, similarly as with financial data. Data processing, transformation, calculations and their aggregation or consolidation within the entire Group entity hierarchy is already performed in our solution.