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We are the first Czech implementation partner of OneStream Software, focused primarily on the needs of the CEE region. We bring an unique combination of extensive hands-on experience in managing and transforming finance from the real client’s side (finance and business), experience from implementation teams side incl. roles of functional architects, and partnership with currently best-rated CPM 2.0 solution, OneStream XF SmartCPMTM platform.

Our mission is to establish a trusted partnership with our clients and provide a full-service approach to comprehensive successful financial transformations. We achieve this with a systematic and practical emphasis on all 3 aspects of such transformation: Aligning the expectations, needs and attitudes of key people, Optimizing and simplifying business and financial processes, and finally Providing the implementation expertise of OneStream XF technology platform. We build optimized and automated critical pillars for effective financial management of the company and evaluation of its performance. At the same time, we open the door to enable significantly better planning, modelling and predicting capabilities of the company's performance. Ultimately we strive to enable companies to make fundamental operational and strategic decisions faster and in a quality manner, and at the same time to achieve management agility in the environment of growing complexity not only of their own operations, but also of the market environment.

About OneStream XF SmartCPMTM platform

OneStream Software provides a market-leading CPM solution that unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality for sophisticated organizations. Deployed via the cloud or on-premise, OneStream’s unified platform enables organizations to modernize Finance, replace multiple legacy applications and reduce the total cost of ownership of financial systems. OneStream unleashes Finance teams to spend less time on data integration and system maintenance – and more time focusing on driving business performance.

The OneStream XF MarketPlace features over 50 downloadable solutions that allow customers to easily extend the value of their CPM platform to quickly meet the changing needs of finance and operations. Solutions include Account Reconciliations, People Planning, Capital Planning, and more.

Learn more about OneStream Software.

Financial Close and Consolidation
Streamline financial close and consolidation while addressing complex global accounting and reporting requirements. Provide rapid insights into financial and operating results. Automate and accelerate the financial close process.
Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
Gain agility in planning with support for strategic, financial and operational planning needs in a single, unified solution. Align corporate plans and forecasts to detailed operating plans. Increase agility through rolling forecasts and driver-based planning.
Reporting and Analysis
Deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time with a single platform for financial, statutory and management reporting and analysis. Gain a single lens view into financial and operating results with in-system reporting, analysis, Microsoft Excel and Office integration.
Financial Data Quality Management
Increase confidence in financial and operating results with powerful data integration, validations, certifications and audit trails. Eliminate 'black box' data integration processes.
Cloud or On-Premise Flexible Deployment Options
Have it your way when it comes to deployment models - move to the cloud now, or when your organization is ready. Architected from day one to take full advantage of cloud and virtualization (powered by Microsoft Azure), OneStream XF offers flexibility when it comes to deployment options, either on-premise, hosted or in the cloud.
Modern, Scalable Technology Architecture
Break free from the limitations of legacy systems that don't scale, and don't address today's demanding planning and reporting requirements. Achieve the security, availability, scalability and performance you need with a modern, extensible platform.


Presentations and videos which were used during the IT 4 Finance virtual conference which took place on 12 November 2020 where SIMPLEBEEZ talked about advantages, unique opportunities in managing your business from one unified platform OneStream.

Finance transformations

Common challenges

How is your Finance department seen and perceived by their colleagues? Are they seen as people who always bother others with formalities, templates, tables, reports, or controls, and even threaten you with compliance requirements or audits?

Do others try to avoid them or come to them only when concerned about timely payroll payments? How efficiently does your CFO collaborate with the Head of Sales or HR? How many people in your firm get annoyed and frustrated when hearing the word “budget”?

Or, would you like your Finance team to be a strong partner for business operations, reaching out to them with trust for advice, insights and guidance so they pull together as a true team working towards the company vision?

How far are you with that? Are you looking for a change?

We connect the world of business, finance and IT.
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How we can help

  • We strive for and support a transformation of the finance process from “bookkeeping and reporting” towards true “business partnering”.
  • We stand by your side during the journey of finance transformation and associated implementations of IT solutions and process work-flows. We contribute to a definition of a transformation concept and strategy, we help to design and choose the right solutions, not limited to IT, and oversee the implementation to ensure success.
  • We cooperate with the Beyond Budgeting Round Table institute, which for more than two decades has been building and continuously improving their holistic approach to Finance and leadership, or the so called “Beyond Budgeting”. We help you to move and deploy the agile method for financial management and planning.
  • We leverage our broad experience with functional design and modelling of IT solutions with a link to Finance and bridge the gap between business leadership, finance and IT.

Business process management

Common challenges

Do you know which part of your company processes drives the added value and which represents bottlenecks or waste?

Is it clear to your people who has the authority and accountability for supporting and approving the process changes, and is such ownership undisputed?

Are you convinced that the deployment of new IT software will solve the long-lasting problem of ineffective communication within the firm, poor collaboration between departments, a lack of trust among key people or weak loyalty toward your company?

Are your people complaining about boring and routine work but at the same time they do not come up with any initiative or ideas how it could be constructively solved?

Do you invest lots of money and time into new technologies such as ERP, RPA or data analytics but get frustrated by the gap between reality and expectations?

Work smart, not hard.
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How we can help

  • We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your core activities and processes and strive to make the most out of your internal limited resources and people where they bring the most value to your business. The goal is to do things faster, smarter and more transparently so that you as a team can make better decisions and respond to new opportunities.
  • We will help with the introduction of the concept of continuous improvements by using Lean and 6 Sigma methodology. We strongly believe that releasing your peoples hands (not only from the finance department) by removing inefficiencies or with smarter, not just technological improvements, is absolutely critical to improving their motivation for larger and strategic transformational activities. Less is often more.
  • We implement effective Business Process Management (BPM) and re-design your processes for upcoming transformations and automations (“order to cash”, “procure to pay” and “record to report”).
  • We help you to transition from a functionally-oriented towards a process-oriented organizational structure, with clearly defined ultimate process owners.
  • We are ready to step into ongoing projects that may not be moving forward as expected due to various process constraints.

Interim management

Common challenges

Are you planning a critical or strategic project, but face a challenge of not having enough resources with the right skillset and experience? Have you unexpectedly lost a senior person and you need to urgently fill the gap in the team?

Are you missing an unbiased independent view or opinion, new energy, a vision, enthusiasm or experience from outside?

Or do you need someone to act on your behalf and communicate unpopular decisions, to remove skeletons from the closet and clean up, so you can focus on strategic directions and business growth?

A good partnership is the key.
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How we can help

  • We work with experienced professionals, who will support your team and take the lead in challenging times in core business areas such as finance, IT, sales, marketing, HR and production.
  • We are not only consultants. We are people who have been through our own professional challenges, who led or have been core members on transformations or other projects of various scale and nature, both at a domestic and international level.
  • We help you with both short-term and long-term projects, by providing either the consultancy or the senior interim manager.
  • We focus on supporting the change management related to transformational activities and projects and providing services to ensure stability during the interim period.

About us

Who we are

Leveraging our different interests, education and professional experience, we are a team that helps companies, and especially their people, to make work more simple, smarter and meaningful. It is a unique combination of our vision, thinking and experience that we believe will enable individuals and teams to be better at what they do.

Optimistic realists

We are life optimists and we believe that even well established work procedures can be done better. Simple questions like “why do you do it this way” and “does it still make sense” can work wonders. Improvement is often not just about technology. Quite the opposite. We must constantly seek the right combination and balance between people, process and technology.

Consistency wins over intensity

We are sportsmen, so we know that even a small pebble in a shoe will feel intolerable over time, grow into a bigger problem, and prevent performing at your best. Until you stop to shake the small stone out, you won't improve speed and maybe you won’t even finish your run. Only long-term and systematic development under professional guidance can guarantee the desired effect. Energy and determination are important prerequisites, but they are usually killed by inconsistency and randomness.

Work must make sense

We are fathers with families and do not believe in the cliché of the work-life balance. We live only one life and in the long-term it is not possible to compensate one frustration with another satisfaction. Our work must also make sense, and especially if it does not right now, we must work actively and systematically to improve it. The same is applicable to our private life.

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